Lieke van Boxteo // Mara Elena Somesan // Juliette Bool // Jeroen Bartelen // Marie Due
When looking at Sydhavnen as a community, we believe that an active dialogue can create a collective voice, which inspires the dynamic development of the whole area. That is why we changed the name of the area into CO(W)-TOWN; an open space for collaboration.

At the heart of CO(W)-TOWN, you will find the Ignition Room, a symbolic playground that serves as a place where initiatives can ignite. Whether an artist seeks input on his ideas, Filmbyen wants to organize a creative session for a new film, or Kulbroen aims to find volunteers for one of its projects, the Ignition Room is the place to be. There is only one rule; namely to give as well as to take. The participants of the Ignition Room can go there to ask for help, and they will also make their talents and resources available to others in search of assistance.

In addition to this physical playground, there is an online layer to catalyze the community's vibrancy. With an online "supply & demand wall", people can share their ideas, ask for input, and promote activities. As an example, Danske Bank could contribute by offering free coffee at its office on Sundays, or the municipality could promote a creative session for a challenge they face.

After all, we believe that collective creativity can achieve much more than just one individual. CO(W)-TOWN represents a place where everyone appreciates one another, can build on each other's strengths and preach the collective voice that Sydhavnen needs.
The Bridge to C
- Connect, Collaborate, Co-create.


Janine Niessen // Myrte Datema // Nanne Jacobs // Stifani Herpich // Ellen Comhaire
Kulbroen vision
Kulbroen, or the coalbridge, is a symbol of the past meeting the future. Initiating inspiring experiences by the bridge can help create a community and connect it to its desired future.

The area harbours very different groups of people: students, homeless and drug addicts, artists and working people. Each individual moving through Sydhavnen has a personal purpose. Our suggestion is to create a context that encourages those very different groups to start connecting and recognising each other as part of a larger community, as well as inviting other Aarhus citizens into the area.

Inspiring experiences
Touching, surprising, inspiring or otherwise memorable experiences can be a very powerful way to add value to Sydhavnen. Through experiences people will connect to it in a very personal way and Sydhavnen will become a part of 'their' Aarhus.

Their desired future
The space of opportunity can thus become a breeding ground for socially and artistically connecting projects. The future's uncertain and our expectations to it are constantly changing, so we will leave it open to the community to form and reform it as time progresses. This area could empower people to experiment with new projects based on their personal passions, and their vision of the future for the area. This way every initiative will create new ambassadors for the area, for the community and might even support creating more dialogue within the community, of where it is heading.

Suggested activities
#lookatthisbridge | Memorial days | kids + artists + awareness --> Sydhavnen monument

#storiesfromthebridge | Open mic nights |stage + locals + empowerment + tour --> area stories

#greenbridge | Mobile gardens | education + vegetables + co-ownership --> community food

#storiesunderthebridge | Open air cinema | film students + perspectives + party --> docu festival

Different footprints
One Path


Johanna Schöder // Sarah Mchutchinson // Lieke van der Maas // Kiona Huisman // Mayke Putman // Carlijn Geluk
"It's a dark, cold night in Denmark, but the city of Aarhus never sleeps and I feel the urge to do some exploring. I head to Dokk1, but on the way there a light path catches my eye. The path leads me through the narrow streets and open spaces of Sydhavnen and helps me discover hidden treasures of Aarhus from the past and the present. Along the way I can't stop myself from taking breaks and checking out the artwork at some of the playful outdoor areas. The artworks tell stories of Aarhus and its people. As I walk by the slaughterhouse and Kulbroen I wonder about the new things to come. It all comes together, Sydhavnen is Aarhus and Aarhus is Sydhavnen and while I am adding my footprints to those who walked here before, I realize we are all following the same path…"

We want to create a journey with flexible paths and fixed meeting points. The paths will connect the different community members together with open spaces in between. The open spaces will be developed and shaped by these members of the area. This allows them to share their story and exhibit their passion. Each open space will be assigned a specific "movement activity" by the municipality. There will also be a way for visitors to embrace the history related to these iconic landmarks and connect to their environment. Our main goal is to bring together visitors, locals, history and future possibilities. We want to do this by designing the framework of the route through open spaces and pathways, and letting the community contribute to the content of the area. Thereby allowing it to be ever-changing and adaptable.
Walking between the Lines

Mohamed Hassan // Margo Vogelaars // Julia Konrad // Agnieszka Pomaranska // Sanne van Haasteren

Imagine yourself walking through a relaxing area around the buildings of Filmbyen. You walk through a pavilion with a unique wooden structure and a lot of plants. The light surrounds you, and during your journey through the pavilion you hear sounds of birds flying around you. For a second you don't notice any industrial noises.

If you want, you can take a seat, rest and enjoy the surroundings. But if you are up for something more active, you take up your phone. You open the AR app and suddenly the surroundings turn into a real life movie, where you have a role to play.

Students will be empowered to create this AR app content in cooperation with the locals and artists in Sydhavnen. The students will be encouraged to incorporate the opinions, interests and thoughts of the residents in their work. The project will bring positive attention to the school, and provides unique assessment for the students.

In the AR app you can create your own profile, which will help you interact with other residents in Sydhavnen. Whenever you use the AR app, you can see a cloud above the heads of others who use the app as well. In that cloud you can see who they are and what role they play in the area. This creates an interactive and dynamic environment, bringing residents closer together.

With the help of the AR app, Sydhavnen will become a place where memories can be created. Where parties can be hold, where technology can be implemented and where friendships can be made. A platform will be made where employees, locals and students can interact and share experiences.
The other side of the box

Sebastian van de Casteele // Sofie Laugesen // Dirk Kersten // Florine Meijering // Alma Pérez Gaxiola

Our idea for the Black Box is to put windows all over the wall parallel to the street - as far as possible. The windows will make the room more inviting. However, it should be possible to cover the windows so that the room at anytime can be completely black again. On the small terrace outside the Black Box, there will be black paint "thrown" on the ground, to symbolize how the thoughts and the work done inside the Black Box affect society outside the box as well.

Our purpose is to connect the people of Aarhus and create an environment where everyone is welcome. We want people to share their stories and express themselves through our "expression" wall: Every month the Black Box will provide you with materials for you to do artistic work on the wall. It's open for everyone to come and participate.

In order to create interaction between the people at the Black Box and the people elsewhere in Aarhus, we'll create an installation to trigger their curiosity about the Black Box. The installation will mainly reside at the Aarhus University, but it will be mobile and can be relocated to any event in town, for example at the CWF free expo in Ridehuset.

Every month there will be a specific theme which will influence everything going on in the Black Box. The themes could be defined by voting, and different activities will be tied to each theme. During an art theme in the Black Box, you would get the chance to paint the walls and decorate the room, or get some lectures in art history. During a sustainability theme, you could attend a workshop teaching you to make your own herb garden, grow your own plants, or attend a lecture on how to fight global warming. These are merely examples of endless possibilities.

Lonneke Sturmen // Denise van Dijk // David Stammer // Thomas Sanches // Peter Følsgaard // Ilse Katoen

Spanien 19c is an artist run non-commercial exhibition space established in 1998, and has 6-8 shows a year presenting both Danish and international artist. However, during the last few years they have faced several challenges. For example the lack of a community network which might have benefitted the interaction between the artist and the community. As a result of the developments in Sydhavnen and the opening of a new exhibition space, new opportunities have arisen. How will these new opportunities be explored?


● Identifying all possible stakeholders and inviting them for regular meetings and establishing a network.
● Using the new room as a co-creation space, where local artists and/or international residents work together on projects.
● Turning the kitchen room into a meeting place to relax and exchange ideas.
● Establishing a collaborative decision process where the project members discuss the next exhibitions and events.
● Hosting regular workshops, art seminars and exhibitions
● Rebranding the studio and kitchen as FLUXHUB - the centre and meeting point for the local artist scene.

End goal:
This established network can result in a knowledge hub that gives artists possibilities for meeting, discussing, exchanging thoughts and organising events. Through the knowledge hub artists will be able to complement each other resulting in co-creation. This co-creation space will exist alongside the exhibition space to give the involved network a complete experience.

Investing in Relationships

Alisa Kokorina // Tjitze Postma // Gabriella Pereira // Stephanie Romano Tombasco dos Santos // Mohamad Kabbara

When we look at the people of Aarhus, we don't see the transactions. We see relationships.

As a bank, we are great with numbers, so here is one: 7.838.784 hours are spent in Aarhus every day.

That is – by the people of Aarhus, the human capital of this city.

Aarhus is the Volunteering Capital of 2018. With our input, we want Aarhus to become the "Human Volunteering Capital of Denmark."

In 2018 we will be the first bank to open an ATM of human capital. Like how we introduced Pondus the penguin in 1967.

Together we build the city of Aarhus, and together we will build Sydhavnen. In exchange of your time and energy you'll be thanked with exhibitions. Art. And memorable experiences to share with the people you love.

The ATM of human capital:
● Designed and created at Sydhavnen.
● Get the app and donate time or visit the contemporary ATM installation at Sydhavnen.

We at Danske Bank will do what we do best. We will be a trusted partner in the exchange – not of the money, but of the human capital.

The exhibition:
The exhibition will introduce the people of Aarhus to the artists of Sydhavnen. The exclusive exhibition can be visited with a ticket you get after donating your time to the bank.There will also be another public exhibition, carefully curated by the Sydhavnen community.

The time:
You donate some of your time in the bank. As a volunteer, you will be contacted and activated when needed by one of the stakeholders in Sydhavnen.

This is an open invitations to all the people of Aarhus. Together we can build the biggest bank reserve of human capital in Denmark.

Danske Bank. Where every transactions is the start of a relationship.

Åben Hus
Open House


Jennifer Neumann // Niamh Curran // Dorin Tarau // Iris Seuren // Gió-Luna Kuppens // Barbara Chalmers

The Sydhavnen district is a hidden gem in Aarhus, with a network of studios, workshops and offices. It is thriving, but it's still relatively unknown to the general public.

The challenge:
● It is difficult for artists and businesses to get to know each other.
● It is hard to get an overview of activities in the area.

The vision: It's time to open up and transform Sydhavnen into Åbenhavn.

Å stands for Åben (open), and 'Å' will mark the multiple entrance points of the area. 'Å' footprints will then continue to lead visitors through Åbenhavn to Åbenhus – the Open House connection point. 'Å' signs at studios and offices let people know when they are open to visitors.

Åbenhus is an open structure. It's a meeting place, an information point, a shelter and an exhibition space. Åbenhus is right at the beating heart of the Åbenhavn community – the crossroads between Flæskestræde, Kovending and Hovedgaden. It's open 24/7 for the artists, makers, start-ups, workers, citizens, film-makers, bank staff and visitors who bring the harbour area to life.

The Åbenhavn Association coordinates activities in Åbenhus. All residents play their part in programming events, creating happenings, hosting meetups and sharing work, news, ideas, space and time. Participants will be able to find news on the community noticeboard and get a better feeling of who's who, what's on, vacancies, as well as change information and knowledge and having the opportunity to have a say in Åbenhavn's future.

Coffee is free every morning at 11am.
Bring lunch, hang out, chat, relax on the all-weather furniture.
Come to the community meetup every Thursday from 6pm.