DCLivingLab 2017 is a journey of innovation and creativity. Young people with curious and exploring mindsets are sharing new solutions for the cities on the rise. Students from different regions, countries and studies are strongly encouraged to join. The Lab consists of intensive work on three topics for five days. During the five days, facilitators and experts will inspire and help the process along. All communication during the DCLivingLab will be in English. DCLivingLab 2017 takes place in Aarhus where the region has won the title of European Capital of Culture in 2017. This definitely contributes to a dazzling event.

As a participant at the DCLIVINGLAB you get to explore one of three themes:

PEOPLE: How to cultivate and nurture your creative spirit?
ENTERPRISE: How to make room for skills and competencies?
CITY: How to transform city heritage into a city of opportunity?

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Aarhus City

The DC Network is a cooperation of 13 creative and innovative regions. Since 2004 the districts have been bringing people together from across the globe and from multidisciplinary domains. Together the districts foster the exchange of best practices and experiences of stimulating creativity and innovation in business, culture and education.

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Creativity World Forum (CWF) is a worldwide annual twoday conference. This year, the conference takes place in Aarhus. It explores the term 'creativity' and gives birth to great ideas. DCLivingLab is an international 'laboratory' connected to Districts of Creativity. Participants of DCLivingLab 2017 will also be attending and participating in the conference on november 1st and -2nd.

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